Sparkles Turns 2!


Exciting news, everyone! One week from today, on September 18th, 2015, we will be celebrating our second birthday! We are even having a party, but more about that later. First, let’s take a look back at how far we have come, what we have learned in our two years here in Andersonville, and ponder on our future (and then I will tell you about the party, promise).

We sat down with our fearless leader, Boss Lady Rachel, and asked her to reflect on the past couple of years.

So, Sparkles is 2! In only two years Sparkles Fine Jewelry has managed to go from new store in town to being ranked Fifth Coolest Small Store in America. How does it feel?

It feels like a great accomplishment! Rewinding back to two years ago I always had high hopes for this adventure. 

When did you first know you wanted to open your own store?

I’ve been in the industry for a little over twelve years, and was dreaming of opening my own business all along. 

Rachel, our fearless leader, cuts the ribbon Setpember 17, 2013. It begins!

Rachel cuts the ribbon on September 17, 2013.

What do you think makes Sparkles different from it’s competitors?

We want you to have the best possible experience when you walk in to our store. We really care and want you to be wearing the best jewels!

What is your favorite part of having your store located in Andersonville?

I couldn’t have picked a better location! All the business owners work together and the neighborhood really wants you to succeed. We appreciate all of the locally owned businesses and shop there whenever we can. 

What have you learned in the past two years? Were there any growing pains?

Owning a business is like riding a roller coaster, you have your ups and downs but its such a fun ride! 

What do you want your customers to know before they come in to your store? 

Don’t be scared! It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and we want you to have a great time and see all of our favorite pieces. 

I hear there is a great story about Sparkles’ very first customer – can you share the details?

Our very first customer is an extremely close friend to me now. The day before we opened up his eyes were peering through the door. He came back the next day and picked out a wonderful Rony Tennenbaum engagement ring. Joe and Gerry just recently got married and they asked me to walk the rings down the aisle for them! What a lucky gal I am! 

In your opinion, what is the next big jewelry trend?

Vintage jewelry is having a big comeback right now. Many families are passing their heirlooms down or customers come in looking for the perfect treasure. 

Lastly, where do you see Sparkles Fine Jewelry in the future? Five, ten years down the road?

Definitely thinking about opening a second location down the road. With a dance club and bar attached! Hopefully we will become so popular we have to expand. 

So here we are, two years in. We are feeling pretty proud of all we have accomplished, and we are beyond excited for what the future holds for us. It only makes sense to celebrate, so naturally we are throwing a party! And you’re invited! Please join us for drinks, appetizers and 20-50% off select jewelry! (Kind of a winning combination, right?)

When: Friday, September 18th, 6-9pm.

Where: Right here in our store! 5405 N Clark St, Andersonville, Chicago IL 60640

Sparkle on!