Meet the Sparkles Girls!

2nd birthday

The three Sparkles girls, Rachel, Claire, and Annabelle, celebrating Sparkles’ second birthday this past September

Here at Sparkles one of our favorite aspects of our job is getting to know our customers and their stories. Having our shop located in the neighborhood of Andersonville is ideal. Andersonville feels like a secret small town hidden inside the big city of Chicago. Many people know each other, everyone says hello. Sometimes it’s as if we are living in an episode of the Gilmore Girls (in a good way, of course).This made us think that maybe it was time for everyone to get to know us a little better, too. Let us introduce ourselves…

rachel blog pic

Rachel: Sparkles Owner & President, Travel Aficionado, Pizza Lover


Annabelle: Manager, Metal Smith, Treasure Hunter


Claire: Jewelry Consultant, Bibliophile, Tea Enthusiast

-What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own?

Rachel: My custom made necklace using my mom’s diamond. It reminds me of her every day.

Annabelle: A vintage gold coin that is bezel set in platinum surrounded by diamonds that my grandmother gave to me. It has a watch-fob style chain. It’s really cool.

Claire: My grandmother’s engagement ring. It’s this beautiful two tone yellow and white gold ring with a round center stone. My grandmother passed away when I was twelve and I had no idea she had left the ring to me. Her will stipulated I would receive the ring on my 25th birthday and my family kept it a secret until then. It was a huge surprise.

-What is your favorite piece of jewelry in the store?

Rachel: This is so hard to choose since I fall in love with everything!  There is one necklace that made me squeal when I first laid eyes on it!  The rose cut diamonds look so delicate and I can’t get enough of the black rhodium swirl detail on the pendant. It is a show stopper!

Rachel's pick

14K Rose gold necklace with black rhodium detailing, 1.62ct of rose cut diamonds. $4,040.00

Annabelle: It changes almost every day. My favorite right now is a rose gold pendant with pavé diamonds set beneath a smoky quartz. I also love all of our vintage pieces.

Annabelle's pick

Faceted smokey quartz pendant with .79ct of pave diamonds in 14k rose gold. $1,695.00 (chain sold separately)

Claire: It changes all the time but right now I am really in love with a pendant I affectionately call the “moon spoon”. It is a stunning pendant done in 14k white gold with moonstones and black diamonds. The pendant curves, giving it the “spoon” look. When the moonstones catch the sunlight they look spectacular.

Claire's pick

14k white gold pendant with black rhodium detailing, 3.2ct of moonstones, .19ct of black diamonds. $1,450.00 (chain sold separately)


(See something you like? Stop in the store to see it in person!)

-Favorite precious gemstone?

Rachel: Sapphire.

Annabelle: Sapphire.

Claire: Emerald.

-When did you start at Sparkles?

Rachel: I’ve been here since day 1! So exciting we have been open over 2 years!

Annabelle: June 2014.

Claire: August 2015- I’m the newbie.

-Describe yourself in 5 words or less?

Rachel: Caring. Loving. Crazy. Fun. Adventurous.

Annabelle: Creative. Silly. #blessed. Humble. Enthusiastic.

Claire: Loyal. Independent. Curious. Constantly cold. 

-Favorite food?

Rachel: This girl likes to eat!  My favorite is Italian!

Annabelle: Anything Spicy! Indian food and Jamaican food are two of my favorites.

Claire: Ugh, this is embarrassing. My absolute favorite thing to eat is a super soft, fresh baguette with Wishbone Italian dressing. I literally just rip pieces of the bread off and dip it in the dressing. Super healthy, clearly. I also love cheese. I could be perfectly happy eating cheese and bread for the rest of my life.

-Favorite place in Chicago?

RachelI am happy just about anywhere in this awesome city 😉

Annabelle: Sparkles!

Claire: The Field Museum, specifically the gems room. Or the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. I love me a quaint bookshop.

-Where do you want to travel to the most?

Rachel: I am obsessed with traveling!  I want to see the rest of the world!  Next on my list is India, Japan and Bali!

Annabelle: A lot of places! I think Australia would be cool. But I really want to go Patagonia most of all.

Claire: Greece, Italy and Egypt. I have a degree in classical civilization and I grew up obsessed with ancient civilizations. I want to see all the amazing places I’ve spent years studying.

-Celebrity crush?

Rachel: Love me some Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio!

Annabelle: Tom Hardy.

Claire: Emily Blunt and Tom Hardy.

-Favorite type of jewelry?

Rachel: Anything with diamonds!

Annabelle: Probably rings.

Claire: Tiaras.

-Favorite part of working at Sparkles?

Rachel: Interacting with customers and having fun!

Annabelle: Being able to be creative.

Claire: My coworkers 🙂

-If you weren’t working in jewelry, what would be your other dream job?

Rachel: I really can’t imagine doing anything else….can I travel the world and find diamonds and gemstones?!?!

Annabelle: As a kid I always dreamt of being either an archaeologist or a geologist.

Claire: Growing up I wanted to be Lara Croft. I even studied archaeology at University College London for a semester! But, as it turns out, it’s a lot less motorcycle chases and a lot more paperwork. Go figure.

Want to know more about us? Stop in the store! All are welcome and the three of us are pretty darn friendly. Fair warning: we may be having a dance party when you arrive…you’re encouraged to join in! 😉

Stay tuned for November’s blog post – we have a ton of exciting things going on for the holidays and our next post will detail all the great events and how you can be part of them!