Sparkles’ Spring Jewelry Trends, 2017

I’d like to venture that no one loves spring quite like Chicagoans. It’s long-awaited, elusive, coy – and completely bonkers, weather-wise.

Spring is extra fun here at Sparkles for all the ordinary reasons and then some. Beyond breaking out our umbrellas and waterproof boots, we’ve also brought in some fresh new jewelry looks!

Today I’d like to share some inspiration from haute couture as well as our own new pieces. We’re slightly more everyday than runway here at Sparkles, but we like to provide something special for all your occasions, from weddings to weekends to walks across the red carpet. And with our dazzling custom capabilities, there are few limits to what we can create together!


So what’s trending for Spring 2017?

We’re definitely seeing a continuation of the choker trend that began to resurface last year. Now some of us (ahem, Jen) remember our ’90s choker-wearing days and feel awfully nostalgic donning that short length again. For plenty others, this is a new look altogether. In high fashion, we’re seeing all kinds of necklaces in this hip, short cut:


Some are simple and sleek. Others are bold and beaded, then there’s the classic and chic black velvet or leather bands. Dainty, chunky, or layered, chokers are where it’s at for spring.

Here at Sparkles, we have some pretty, delicate pieces in various shades of gold with dancing, shimmering discs (14k, $350-375). We also love our leather choker with diamonds ($175).



Another noteworthy trend is the statement earring. Paired, mismatched, or one-at-a-time, go funky or sculptural, as large and dramatic as you can stand!



At Sparkles, we tend to sell earrings by the pair, but we have some designs in the store that we’re very taken with, such as the following style in sterling silver for $265:


We’re also seeing other pieces of jewelry in a similarly large scale. Enormous pendants in creative shapes and compositions are taking center stage in fashion houses and beyond.


Want to play designer yourself? Covet a bat pendant of your very own? Bring in your ideas, your broken or retired oversize brooches, and let’s consult on customizing your own statement piece! We recently collaborated with a client to convert several of her antique pins into whimsical and unique pendants. We’d love to do more this season!

Not feeling so into the license-plate-sized adornments? We hear you. We also carry new and quirky spring pieces that are more traditionally sized!




(top to bottom: 14k yellow gold interlocked loops pendant $250; sterling silver kissing emoji pendant $85; sterling silver, mother-of-pearl, and diamond pendant $270. Photos taken next door at the lovely Martha Mae’s.)

This spring, pearls are still feeling fresh, but we’re seeing them in more playful sizes, shapes, and settings.


We love pearls and offer several choices.


(Tahitian pearl choker $195, matching bracelets $250 apiece, freshwater cuff $375)

To see all our new additions, come on in any day except Mondays! We can’t offer you any alien-esque Maison Margiela bonnets (see first photo), but we’re confident we have something else you will love for spring!

Thanks for reading!

The Women of Sparkles


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